Sri Dharmadeva - Arturo Garcia

Sri Dharmadeva - Arturo Garcia (Mexico)

President of Alianza Mexicana de Yoga (Yoga Alliance of Mexico)

President of Yoga Dharma Association of Mexico

Member of International Yoga Integral® School
Member of World Yoga Council of International Yoga Federation
Director of Communications of International Yoga Federation
Member of Latin American Union of Yoga


sutrananda said...

Dear Yogis and Yoginis of the world:
Sri Sutrananda Presents:
The art of giving- an Enlightenment and Self Realization workshop.
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An Enlightenment and Self Realization Workshop.

Date: Thursday December-17-2009

Cost: FREE

Duration: 1 Hour. From 6pm to 7pm.

Description: In this workshop you will learn how to open the Heart Chakra, the Heart Chakra it is the second Kunda, if we want a world without violence, without crime, without greed and free of Fear, we must change the frequency of our heart. Be part of the change, "Be The Change You Want To See In The World"

Kathy said...


I am the assistant editor for Healthyoga.com, whose sole purpose is to offer a free informational resource to the public for those seeking advice on a variety of yoga related topics from professionals.

I've found your blog through a few of our mutual online affiliates and would love to work with you as well. I have interest in being included within your blog roll and would love to explore possibilities. Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.

Please email me back with your URL in subject line to take a step ahead and to avoid spam.

Thank you
Kathy Ray

asmin said...

Power yoga is basically the westernized version of Ashtanga Yoga. While the general concept is the same, the session is accomp retreat yoga d by physically demanding activities not generally associated with yoga practices. For example, it is very common to find push-ups, toe touches, and various other forms of aerobic movement during Power Yoga sessions. Because of the heavy influence of aerobics, power yoga is a lot similar to a well choreographed exercise routine with one movement leading into the next and so on. It the most simplistic terms, power yoga is a combination of yoga and aerobic exercises resulting in a form of yoga that is physically demanding workout more so than a relaxing slow paced experience.

V.Pasztor said...

May LOVE , health, PEACE, prosperity and JOY fill you all in 2012!!!

V.Pasztor said...

Hello Arturo! How are you?